Prescription Drug Plan
The prescription drug plan helps you pay for prescribed medications using either a retail pharmacy or the mail order program.
Prescription drug benefits are automatically provided when you are enrolled in the medical plan.
Cost Per Pay
Paid for by Honda
Who Is Covered
Eligible associates and their eligible dependents
Coverage Begins
First day of the month following your date of hire, if you are eligible for coverage
About this Benefit
Benefits are administered by CVS Caremark, which offers three types of pharmacy services:
  • retail (or pharmacy) for short-term prescriptions
  • mail order for long-term medications and/or
  • specialty medications for chronic or genetic conditions
Your prescription drug costs are determined by the type of prescription drugs you receive (generic, non-preferred brand-name or preferred brand-name) and how you have them filled.
Special Features
For maximum benefits:
  • Use your CVS Caremark prescription drug card at network pharmacy for short-term prescriptions
  • For long-term medications, use mail order program/Maintenance Choice
Coverage Ends
Last day of month your Honda employment ends
Administered by
CVS Caremark