401(k) Savings Plan
The Honda 401(k) Savings Plan (Savings Plan or the Plan) allows you to save and invest for retirement with tax advantages and a savings match and other contributions from Honda.
Associate Contributions Per Pay
You elect how much to contribute as pre-tax or Roth 401(k) contributions (as of July 2014), up to 75% of base pay; Honda then matches a portion of your contributions
Who Is Eligible
Regular active associates
Participation Begins
As of the first day of the month on or following three full months of Honda employment, unless you elect not to participate
Allows you to:
  • Save and invest money for retirement
  • Increase your savings with Honda Retirement Contributions
  • Defer taxes on contributions and earnings, which helps your account grow
Special Features
  • Automatic increase of your contributions
  • Automatic rebalancing of your investments
  • You can roll over money from another eligible retirement plan into this Plan
Payments Can Begin
Age 59-1/2, when you leave Honda, retire, qualify for Social Security disability benefits or die
Administered by
Honda 401(k) Savings Plan Committee