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Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to anticipate some of your general questions, but if you have specific questions not addressed here, we encourage you to call 937-843-5555.

How do I apply for a job?
Visit our Search Jobs page to view the available opportunities. If you see a job that meets your qualifications, press the Apply button to start the process.

I'd like to get a production job. When do you hire?
Transmission Plant - Ohio hires full time associates on an as-needed basis. Please visit the Production section frequently to see when we are accepting applications.

Do you have any part time positions?
For part time production positions, please schedule an interview with Adecco at 937-593-9400. For all other positions, check the Search Jobs page to view the available opportunities.

Can I tour the plant?
We do not open up our facilities to the public. However, we occasionally allow non-profit organizations such as schools to schedule a tour. Those companies or organizations should contact us directly by calling 937-843-5555.

What exactly do you produce there?
We produce automatic transmissions, gears and four-wheel drive components that are supplied to other Honda companies.

Are you an environmentally friendly company?
Honda has always been an innovator in environmental concerns. Transmission Plant - Ohio, for example, has been ISO 14001 certified since 1998. We are minimizing the impact to the environment by reducing emissions, recycling and reusing materials. In addition, our technical center introduced a geothermal heating and cooling system, which sets the benchmark for environmental technology.

Can you tell me more about Russells Point?
There are many helpful links to get you better acquainted with our rural lifestyle. Visit the About Us section or go to the Logan County Chamber of Commerce site.

Do you supply transmissions for other companies?
We only produce components for Honda-owned companies.

Do you only make automobile transmissions?
Yes, we only make transmissions and parts for automobiles.

If I want to buy a transmission or have a transmission problem, can I bring it to you?
We do not sell directly to the public. We encourage you to contact your local Honda dealer, or consult your owner's manual, for all repairs.